Hanging out the laundry

Can you hang up the laundry for me Erik? The weather is beautiful and this way you can make yourself useful my mom smiled. Well okay mom, I will do it for you then. We have got a big yard with his border to a meadow. Open and wide, just a place to look at and let your mind run free.

The clothesline is all in the back of the yard. I start hanging up the clothes. First the big sheets, then the towels and t-shirts. While I am busy with this the girl next door has sneaked up on me in the high grass of the meadow. She takes off her clothes and starts finger-fucking herself while she looks at me.

When I finish hanging the last piece of clothing on the line I notice her. Her clothes to the side and she finger-fucking herself with her legs wide open. This gives me a boner spontaneously. She just lays there with her eyes closed. She is not the most beautiful girl, but when she is so horny like that of course that makes me want to join her. I am 17 and I know she just turned 16. Age wise we are oké.

As fast as I can I sneak up on her, take her clothes and put them in my clothing basket. Then I move away from her while I keep looking at her. Ahum, I say with a raised voice. She gets scared and looks for het clothing. When she can’t find them she looks up to me with this scared look in her eyes. Are you looking for this? I point to her clothing in my basket.

If you want your clothes, you have to pay for it

With her hands in front of her breasts and pussy she tries to get up and wants to walk to her clothes. I move myself between her and the clothes and tell her, if you want your clothes, you have to pay for it. No Erik, don’t be mean she said shy. Mean? You are finger-fucking yourself while you are looking at me and I am mean? Can’t you see how horny you have made me?

She stares at my boner in my pants and said, well ok then, how do you want me to pay you? Hmmm, you know how to pay me Gaby! Why don’t you sit down on your knees and take my dick out of my pants. Very skilful she opens my pants and pulls down my boxershort. My dick is this hard because of you Gaby. I see her looking at my dick, her mouth comes closer and she opens her mouth. Her tongue touches the glans of my penis and a shiver goes down my spine. Slowly she makes rapid rounding around the glans of my dick and then she fully takes him in her mouth.

She sucks my dick so good that I know for sure this is not the first time. Hmm, I moan, you have done this before haven’t you? Yes, she replies, and I wanted to tast yours for a very long time as well. Is this payment enough? Of course not you horny girl. Lay down on you back. She lays down in the high grass without any hesitation. I kiss her breasts, nippels and move down to her pussy.

I lick her rapidly and intens, takes just a few minutes for her to come and while she is still shivering of her orgasm I lay down on her to put my dick in her pussy. Ohhh, she moans, don’t come in my pussy, I don’t use any birth-control pil. As hard as I can I fuck her wet tight pussy, she still moans and enjoys it with her eyes closed. When I feel her pussy tighten around my dick I notice she might be having another orgasm.

That for me is enough to also come and horny as I am I put my sperm deep inside her tight pussy, oh you are so fucking sweet Gaby! Never met anyone as horny as you. Ohh, you fucked me zo good, she moans while I take my dick out of her pussy. Did you come in me? Yes, that is your punishment for being so sneaky. Tomorrow same time, same place and this time I will bring a condom oké?

Better run to the drugstore for the morning after pil. Then you will be okay. She gets up a little dizzy and takes her clothes. Quickly she runs back to her house. When I want to take my clothes I discover she took them! Hmmm, well oké. I take a wet towel from the clothing-line and know to reach my room without being seen by anybody. I put on some clean clothes and put the towel in the basket. Hey, did I not just wash that towel, my mother asks me? I don’t know mom, the laundry I got is at the clothing line already.